Public Sector Transformation
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Public Sector Transformation Strategy

The Public Sector Transformation Strategy is a dynamic and focused process designed to fundamentally reshape the Public Service to accomplish its role in the achievement of Vision 2030 and its flagship projects as well as implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

In order to achieve this, the Public Service Transformation Department, an office under the Ministry Of Devolution and Planning, provides leadership for the transformation of the Public Service and supports public service institutions to ensure that reforms are institutionalized across government.

Our purpose

To ensure that public institutions deliver on their mandate efficiently, effectively and ethically. Our role is to coordinate the on-going reforms in public institutions with the government and other stakeholders and to promote a citizen-centric public service.

The Public Service Transformation Department has three principal responsibilities:-

§ To provide guidance in the transformation of the Public Service by strengthening and building its capacity, skills and systems to deliver desired results

§ To improve delivery of services to citizens through advocating for institutionalisation of Results Based Management (RBM) using the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) and ensuring high standards of professional conduct are maintained by public servants at all

§ Oversee the implementation of the Public Service Reforms strategy that supports Vision 2030

§ To maintain the Public-Private Dialogue programme, a national engagement programme of nation-wide discussions that involves all the constituencies in Kenya and also involves implementing socio-economic development

The Public Sector Transformation Strategy provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to modernising government ad is anchored in these three components;

Component 1: Service and Openness -This will transform delivery of Public Sector services and transparency in engaging with the citizens. The outcome will be greater public trust in the Public Sector.

Component 2: Coordination and Cooperation -Strengthening the capacity across the whole of government to coordinate and cooperate in policy development and program delivery. The outcome will be a Public Sector-wide capability to respond to the rights, needs and expectations of Kenyans as one ‘linked up’ government.

Component 3: Effectiveness and Accountability - strengthening the internal workings, capabilities, transparency and accountability of individual Public Sector organizations. The outcome will be Public Sector Organizations that are goal-driven.


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